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Food Safety

Worker Food Safety Laminated Posters (English & Spanish): Set of three laminated posters containing graphic images and text in English and Spanish instructing proper use of field toilets, proper disposal of used toilet paper, and proper hand washing.
English & Spanish. 228.B.PST – $5.75/Set of 3 Posters

Fruits, Vegedivs, and Food Safety: Health and Hygiene on the Farm video: Designed to be part of a comprehensive worker training program, this 15-minute video offers guidance to workers on proper handwashing and toilet use, with emphasis on how their health affects the safety of fresh fruits and vegedivs. Hygiene topices discussed in this video are reinforced in the Field Hygiene Poster Series. Available in DVD and VHS formats, each video contains both the English and Spanish versions. A Hmong version is available on a separate DVD. English and Spanish #230.B.DVD – $195/DVD

 “Fun Fruit & Very Vegediv Tour” Coloring Book (English & Spanish): Originally developed for children of farm workers, this book follows three children as they tour the United States produce industry to see how fruits and vegedivs are grown, harvested and sold. Main learning themes include the importance of handwashing and the nutritional value of fruit and vegedivs consumption. Each book is bilingual and appropriate for ages 5-10. English & Spanish Booklet. 231.B.BOK – $2.50/Booklet

Did you know? Your kitchen could be a source of illness! Did you know? Your kitchen could be a source of illness! S. Auger, M. Colindres, Editors: E.A. Bihn, R.B. Gravani, and K. Embrey © 2006 Learn safe food preparation techniques by following the Valdez Family as they learn firsthand the perils of foodborne illness and how to prevent food contamination. This guide provides food safety tips for all stages of food preparation, including shopping, kitchen cleaning, handwashing, defrosting foods, separating raw meats from fresh produce, fruit and vegediv preparation, cooking times and temperatures, proper refrigeration, storing leftovers, pest control, kitchen sanitation and more. Each novella is bilingual (English and Spanish).  English & Spanish Booklet. 233.B.BOK – $2.50/Booklet

Safety Forms

Hand-Washing Container Sticker: This self-adhesive sticker states “This Water Is for Hand-washing Only.” Complies with Cal/OSHA Field Sanitation regulation requiring the labeling of hand-washing containers. English and Spanish. #605.B.STK – $4.95/pack of 5 stickers

Operator’s Safety Training Card: A card which acknowledges that equipment operators are authorized to operate designated equipment as recorded on back of card. Equipment operators are instruct to carry the card when operating equipment. A pad of 20 perforated card-stock sheets (8½” x 11″) of 10 cards (3¼” x 2″)each sheet.  

English. #210.E.FRM – $9.95/pad of 20 sheets

Pesticide Emergency Numbers: These 3¾” x 6″ stickers comply with DPR pesticide posting requirement.
English and Spanish. #209.B.STK – $4.95/ pack of 10 stickers

Safety Inspection Survey: Inspection form and checklist used for documenting safety inspections. Printed on 8½” x 11″ paper in pads of 50. English and Spanish. #214.B.FRM – $5.95/pad

Sanitation Facility Maintenance Instructions and Record: Cal/OSHA requires ag employers to maintain written maintenance and service records for toilet facilities. This form has a maintenance checklist and a place to record servicing. Pads 50. English and Spanish. #118.B.FRM – $3.95/pad


Heat Illness Reminders Cooler Decals: Many farmers have purchased Igloo Heat Illness Education Coolers through FELS, but some have requested decals to update their existing water coolers and convey the same reminders to workers to avoid heat illness: · Drink Cool Water Frequently · Rest in Shade · Wear Proper Clothing · Watch Heat-Illness Symptoms · Know Your Emergency Procedures FELS has produced cooler decals with these reminders in English and Spanish. The can be affixed anywhere on the outside of the cooler, and feature permanent adhesive and fade-resistant pigments for long life. $4.95/bundle of 5

Heat Illness Reminders Cooler Decals . . . . #430.B.STK – $4.95/bundle of 5 decals

FELS Pesticide Safety Training Manual, English: This Department of Pesticide Safety-approved training manual includes training programs for fieldworkers and handlers, including guidance on effective training, all DPR-required pesticide safety training topics, sources for additional information, sample examinations, handouts for trainees, and more. #509.E.MNL – $95

FELS Pesticide Safety Training Manual, Spanish: #509.S.MNL – $95

Pesticide – How to Comply With the Worker Protection Standard for Agricultural Pesticide: This free EPA compliance CD contains information that employers need to know to comply with the EPA Worker Protection Standard and additional resources. The CD includes a training video. To order call 1-888-663-2155. English and Spanish video with resources. #EPA-305-C-06-001, Ag Center #53000 – Free/CD
Pesticides Handers and the Worker Protection Standard: This free EPA CD contains a playable video which meets the federal Worker Protection Standard training requirements for pesticide handlers. To order call 1-888-663-2155. English and Spanish video (50 minutes). #EPA-305-C-04-002, Ag Center #53145 – Free/CD


Circle the Unsafe Work Practices: How many unsafe work practices can your employees identify? These safety sheets are fun new way to discuss safety. Hand out a picture and ask employees to identify the unsafe work practices. A great safety training refresher. English on one side, Spanish on the other. Printed in pads of 25. English and Spanish. Pruning Safety #626.B.PIC – $6/pad

English and Spanish. Forklift Safety #627.B.PIC – $6/pad

English and Spanish. Tractor Safety #628.B.PIC – $6/pad

Forklift Operators in Agriculture – Training Booklet: This 15-page booklet contains the basics for training forklift operators. It contains a forklift graphic and exam for forklift drivers. In English and Spanish. English and Spanish. #632.B.BOK – $5.95/booklet

Safe Work Practices Manual: This manual discusses over 80 safe work practices for agriculture-related jobs. Ideal for tailgate safety training. English and Spanish. #601.B.MNL – $25/manual

Safety Training: Safety training in English and Spanish conducted by FELS bilingual staff. Safety subjects include back safety, tractor safety, handling pesticides, pruning, tomato harvesting, and many others. #FELS-208 Call for more details.

Tractor Booklets: These illustrated, pocket-sized booklets explain the nine Cal/OSHA rules required to be reviewed annually with tractor operators. 12 pages; English and Spanish. In packets of five. English and Spanish. #604.B.BOK – $ 6/packet of booklets